• Vietnam


    Discover the country in 13 days!


13 days - 990 €


Why Vietnam? 

  • Vietnam


    Vietnamese are very friendly! You are welcomed with a big smile and the people try to answer your questions or help you. The influences of China, the US and France characterized the country and big differences between the North and the South are even today still noticeable. Especially that creates attraction to get to know the two different faces of the country.
  • Nature


    Vietnam has an enormous variety in vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. Halong Bay is known as one of the most popular sights in Vietnam! In 1994, the bay was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. But also, the endless rice fields in Sapa and the idyllic beaches and waterfalls of Dalat are in no way less worth seeing. Thus, Vietnam combines in its very own scenery exotic and naturalness like hardly any other country.
  • History


    The history of Vietnam is anything but boring. The Vietnam War is even today a topic in many conversations. Experience the history vividly on spot and visit the mausoleum of the Vietnamamese national hero, Ho Chi Minh. But also the consequences of the war, seclusion und the influence of communism, are for interested travelers able to explore in the modern Vietnam. One can experience and understand the history authentically.
  • Food


    You think, you have already eaten good Vietnamese food? All that is no comparison to those delicacies which you will experience there! Especially dishes with seafood or fish, freshly caught out of the local waters, are a must you have to try. Well known – quite rightly – are the many different soups. But also grilled meat with diverse spices is a great taste adventure. Another speciality beside the food: The coffee and the way how it is served is real adventure.

Summarized: Vivid and impulsive colours wherever you look, unbelievable hospitable people, crystal-clear water and dreamlike beaches! Get a picture of that paradisiac place!



Explore SE Asia’s hidden gem! Mingle with the locals in Hanoi, wake up on a private island in Halong Bay, cook some delicious meals during our island cooking class, snorkel in crystal clear waters, walk down waterfalls and party the night away in Ho Chi Minh City.



Your trip

Day #1 - Welcome

Day #1 - Welcome

The Ultimate Vietnam trip begins with a welcome dinner at our favourite restaurant in Hanoi. Meet your group and share a few drinks with your new travel buddies. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the next 13-days and nights.
#2 - Hanoi

#2 - Hanoi

One thing Vietnam is famous for is the diverse range of exotic food. Our local guide will take us on a tour to some hidden places where you can sample weird, interesting and tasty food whilst getting to know your way around the city. Later today we go to see a water puppet show – probably one of the most random things you will experience in your life and a big part of the Vietnamese culture. Get ready to party, Hanoi-style! Vietnam is very different – in a good way! Mingle and dance with locals and other travellers in the alleys of Hanoi, grab yourself a tiny stool and join the crowd for some ‘fresh beer’.
#3 - Halong Pier

#3 - Halong Pier

We leave Hanoi and get to Halong Pier, where we board our home for tonight. Cruise Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay on a typical Vietnamese “junk” boat. Enjoy magical scenery as you cruise and kayak through crystal clear waters past hundreds of lime stone karsts. We stay overnight on a Vietnamese junk boat, moored in a secluded cove within Halong Bay.
#4 - Halong Bay

#4 - Halong Bay

Enjoy a night at our secret spot, hidden on a private beach in Halong Bay. It doesn’t get more idyllic than this! Chill in a hammock, go for a swim or kayak, play some beach volleyball and karaoke at night.
#5 - Halong & Hanoi

#5 - Halong & Hanoi

Wake up to the sound of the ocean. After breakfast we had back towards Hanoi for another night on the town.
#6 - Hoi An

#6 - Hoi An

It may not seem that way, but Vietnam is actually a pretty large country. To get the most out of your 13-days, our trip includes a flight from Hanoi to Hoi An. With red lanterns hanging from trees, buildings and shops all around town, Hoi An is known as the City of Lanterns. At night, when the lanterns light up the streets, we’ll take you on a walk through town and show you our favourite bars.
#7 - Hoi An

#7 - Hoi An

You think you’ve had good food before? You haven’t tried proper Vietnamese cuisine – made in Vietnam, by you! Learn to cook the most delicious dishes in a private cooking class. Yum Yum!
#8 - Nha Trang

#8 - Nha Trang

Spend time in beautiful Hoi An where life is amazingly laid-back with a city center perfect for relaxing, eating and shopping and a beautiful beach a short bike ride from town. Later tonight, we get on the sleeper bus – you haven’t been to Vietnam if you haven’t been on a sleeper bus!
#9 - Paradise Nha Trang

#9 - Paradise Nha Trang

To get from Hoi An to Nha Trang we jump on an overnight sleeper bus – you’ll get your own bed and most buses even have WiFi. We wake up in Nha Trang the next morning to spend the day in one of Vietnam‘s most popular beach destinations; white beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of colourful corals and fish. We will explore the area by boat and snorkel along the way. Have a delicious lunch on an island before heading back to the mainland for some more beach time.
#10 - Da Lat

#10 - Da Lat

The central city of the Vietnam highlands is famous for its cool temperatures and stunning waterfalls. Da Lat is known as the romantic city of Vietnam with lots of locals heading here to get married. We get here early afternoon, which gives us enough time to explore this cute town and visit ‘Crazy House’, if you like.
#11 - Waterfall

#11 - Waterfall

The next day get ready for the ultimate thrill! We’ll head to the woods, get our gear and start the adventure in the canyon. Hike through lush green rain forest, do some abseiling, walk down a pounding waterfall before we get to the ‘washing machine’. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!
#12 - Ho Chi Minh

#12 - Ho Chi Minh

We leave the mountains and take the bus to our final stop Ho Chi Minh City. This city is buzzing and great to have a good night out.
#13 Final - Da Lat

#13 Final - Da Lat

Obviously, you can’t visit Vietnam and not learn about the country’s history including the Vietnam War. Our local guide takes us to the Cu Chi Tunnels and gives us a good insight into what happened here. Later tonight we get ready for the final night and enjoy farewell drinks on one of the rooftop bars. Tonight’s accommodation is still included in your tour.


You’ve now seen the highlights of Vietnam, but obviously there are so many other amazing places! For example Sapa - Traditional Vietnamese culture and the most amazing views you’ll ever come across! Hike through hills, valleys and rice fields with your local Hmong guide. Try traditional Vietnamese food, have some relaxing time during your homestay at a remote village and forget about day-to-day life for a while. If you need to head home, we help you to get to the airport. If you have more time, there is heaps more to see in Vietnam or even travel on to Thailand– we’ll help you with whatever your plans are. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an e-mail to get more information!


Arrival / Departure 

Of course we also assist you in finding a suitable and cheap flight, to make your travel planning as easy as possible. Furthermore we permanently have a list of current offers. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. an e-mail! If you need to head home, we help you to get to the airport. If you have more time, there is heaps more to see in Vietnam or even travel on to Cambodia – we’ll help you with whatever your plans are.


Prices / Dates

With included services:



Total of 13-nights accommodation
Sleep on a Vietnamese Junk Boat (with ensuite rooms)
Wake up on a private island
Overnight sleeper bus


  • Welcome Dinner & Party
  • Foodie & City Tour + Water Puppet Show in Hanoi
  • Overnight Junk Boat & Kayaking
  • Private Island Stay, Time to Relax
  • Go Shopping like a Local, Vietnamese Cooking Class with River Cruise
  • Reef Snorkelling with Island Lunch
  • Canyoning & Abseiling
  • Cu Chi Tunnels Exploration
  • Farewell Party


  • All local transfers during the tour
  • In-country Flight to Hoi An
  • Overnight Sleeper Bus
  • Meals


  • Welcome Dinner & Drink
  • Total of 12 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 3 Dinners
  • Foodie Tour in Hanoi
  • All meals on Halong Bay
  • Cooking Class in Hoi An
  • Island Lunch in Nha Trang
  • Optional activities

    Optional activities

  • Tour to Sapa
  • Not included

    Not included

  • International Airfares
  • Vaccination
  • Travel Insurance & Visa
  • Airport Transfers (add the Hanoi Welcome Pack for Airport Pick Up & Visa Arrival Letter)


    Booking request

    Check out the travel dates:  

    You can find the Ultimate-Travel's terms and conditions here



    Hanoi welcome pack:
    Your Hanoi Welcome Pack includes a personal airport pick up and the visa invitation letter (if needed). The pick up from Hanoi Airport can be arranged for whatever time & date.



    Travel Insurance is essential for all our trips! In a perfect world, nothing will go wrong on your adventure, and we’ll work hard to make sure everything goes smoothly! While ‘smooth’ is our middle name, there are some things that are just out of our control! Flights can be delayed, bags can go missing, monkeys can steal your wallet (it could happen!). Be prepared for anything with a good travel insurance policy. Check out our three preferred insurers below who specialise in backpacker travel insurance and choose a policy that’s right for you…


    Can anyone book the Vietnamtour?

    The Vietnamtour is limited to people aged between 18 – 39 years of age. People from any country are welcome. It does not matter if you are solo traveleres, couples or a small group of mates.

    I’m travelling alone. How will I meet people?

    The Vietnamtour is perfect for people travelling alone! You’re surrounded by other like-minded travelers for the duration of the trip, you’ll be mates for life with your group by the end! Members of the group even tend to stick together after the tour as they continue their travels through SE Asia!

    When should I book?

    The groups often sell out fast. To secure your place we recommend booking as early as you can, at least 1-2 months prior departure to have enough time to arrange the visa.

    Do I need a Visa?

    If you are looking into the Vietnam trip then this should point you into the right direction on how to get a visa for travel in Vietnam.
    There are 4 types of tourist visas:
    1. No visa is required for travel to Vietnam lasting up to 15 days only, if you are from one of the following countries: UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan and South Korea.
    2. 30-Day Single Entry (US $25 for VOA): allows you to enter Vietnam once and stay for up to 30 days from first entry
    3. 28-Day Multiple Entry (US $50 for VOA): you’ll be able to enter and leave Vietnam several times for a max of 28 days from first entry
    4. 90-Day Multiple Entry (US $50 for VOA): gives you a total of 90 days from first entry and allows you to enter and exit multiple times
    Most people just go for the 30-Day Single Entry Visa, but remember this visa expires as soon as you leave Vietnam. So if you’re planning to go to other places in SE Asia and want to come back to Vietnam or even just catch your flight home, you’ll need a different visa.
    There are 2 options to obtain your visa: apply in person or via post at your nearest embassy (means less hassle when arriving in Vietnam, but more expensive) or get a visa on arrival, which requires a visa invitation letter issued by an authorised agent before you leave home (seems a little easier and is also cheaper, but you’ll need to queue up when landing to actually have your visa issued).
    For more information please have a look on the homepage of the vietnam embassy in your country.
    Both options are a little long-winded but when you get to Vietnam you’ll realise that it has all been worth it! From Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam is one of the most remarkable countries in the world.
    The Vietnamtour gives you a unique experience throughout the country. Whether it be living with a hill tribe in Sapa or lounging on a beach in Hoi An, the entire experience gives you an idea of the beauty, variety and diversity on the country.

    How much money do I need to take with me?

    The amount of money you should bring will depend upon the total length of your holiday and your spending habits. It’s very easy to get by in Thailand for as little as $20 per day. This will cover your food, basic accommodation and having fun. However, try and budget for at least $50 per day – it’s a once in a lifetime trip, so make the most of it.

    Is travelling in Vietnam safe?

    Vietnam is a safe place to visit, as long as you follow some basic health and safety guidelines and have respect for the local people and culture. The most common dangers in Vietnam are sunburn, dehydration and hangovers, however travelling in a group makes it even safer! The tour guides have travelled extensively, and will share their experience, local knowledge hangover-cures with you.

    Do I need a Travel insurance?

    Yes, you sure do! Purchase a travel insurance policy to ensure you’re covered in case anything unexpected happens.

    I will arrive in Hanoi before the start date. Is that ok?

    Yes, that’s totally fine. We can book extra nights of accommodation for you and help you arrange activities to do in Hanoi when you arrive.

    What happens after I book the Vietnamtour?

    After booking you’ll receive confirmation and be contacted by the reservations team, who you can email with your questions at any time. Then all you have to do is arrange travel insurance and your flight to Hanoi – we’ll take care of the rest! Two weeks before your start date Ultimate will send out “Hanoi Welcome Pack” with heaps more info for you!

    What happens if my arrival date changes or my flights are delayed?

    No worries if your flights are delayed, just email us or give us a ring. We will let Ultimate know.

    Do I need vaccinations?

    Nobody wants a bowl of Pho, a bite of Bánh Mì or a bite from a mosquito to ruin the trip of a lifetime … so plan ahead and get your vaccinations sorted before you make the trip. This is a rough guide to want you have to plan against with Vietnam in mind and some of the vaccinations listed are taken care of during childhood so check with your GP before you go and book anything, just to make sure you need the jabs!
    • Hepatitis A and B – two separate diseases with a vaccination that can be taken together or separately. Both diseases are pretty awful so tick this one off!
    • Typhoid – highly recommended and transmitted by dodgy food or water. Get it and forget about it!
    • Tetanus, Pertussis & Diphtheria – It’s best to have an updated tetanus jab and the others come along with the package.
    • Measles Mumps and Rubella – one of the childhood immunisations that you might not need so check your immunisation record with your GP.
    • Flu – get a flu shot if you think it’s necessary or ask your doctor for more information.
    • Malaria – inland Vietnam has malaria whilst the coast doesn’t.
    There are a couple more that can be recommended but aren’t essential so we’ll say it again – check with your GP!
    Ideally, you should organise all this plus a trip to your GP 6 to 8 weeks before your departure. Some vaccination need 2 or more shots

    Where should I fly into? Out of?

    The tour begins in Hanoi so you would look to arrive at Noi Bai International Airport. However, the tour ends in the south in Ho Chi Minh City so ideally you would look to fly out of HCMC International Airport! Sometimes though it is cheaper to do a return ticket in and out of Hanoi so if that’s the case just give yourself an extra day at the end of the tour and you can jump on an internal flight up to Hanoi to catch your flight home.

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