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  • The Surf camp

    The Surf camp

    Located midway on the southern cost of Bukit-Peninsula, the surfcamp is run by owners who love surfing and welcome all kinds of surfers as well as those who wish to learn to surf. We offer surf guiding, surf lessons and even trips around Bali if you require a day away from the beach. The resort is surrounded by a beautiful traditional Balinese garden with grass huts for all to sleep in. Chill out in Balinese lounges and relax in our hammocks during the day. Our modern, high-end suites and dorms are located only 80 metres from Green Bowls, an amazing un-crowded Surfing Bali replete with the gorgeous white-sand beaches this Indonesian island is famous for.

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  • Surrounding


    Green Bowl, also sometimes referred to as “Green Ball”, “Green Balls” or “Greenbowls”, is sometimes considered one of Bali’s secret spots. It gets its name from the bowl-shaped ocean floor that can be seen during low tide, when the water reflects the green vegetation of the surrounding hills. Unspoiled only by so much as a warung (small family-owned shop or café. As well as during the high, dry season, Green Bowl can be surfed for most of Bali’s offseason (rainy months). Small crowds, coupled with exciting, fast and hollow waves, make Bali Cliff surfcamp’s home wave an amazing hidden gem. Weekdays are sometimes even deserted, meaning you’ll have this great break all to yourself!

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  • Restaurant


    Enjoy traditional indonesian or international food at the camp´s own restaurant and relax after your surf with your Bintag beer at the bar. Start your day with rich breakfast and enjoy dinner together with your surfmates. A big BBQ is prepared every weekend (+8€ per person) but you can also check out the local Warungs and restaurants.

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  • Deluxe double Suite

    Deluxe double Suite

    • Private Bungalow with fan - max. 2 person
    • Breakfast
    • Your booked surf package
    • Free use of surfboards
    • Restaurant and bar
    • Concierge service 7am - 11pm
    • WiFi

    From 45€ p.p./night

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  • Penthouse Suite

    Penthouse Suite

    • Private Bungalow with fan - max. 2 person
    • Breakfast
    • Your booked surf package
    • Free use of surfboards
    • Restaurant and bar
    • Concierge service 7am - 11pm
    • WiFi

    from 55 € p.p./night

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  • Beginner


    A typical introductory lesson at our Bali surf school will cover basics like board handling, paddling out, catching a wave and then getting to your feet. You’ll learn your proper stance; whether you’re a “natural” left-foot forward surfer or if you surf right foot forward, aka “goofy foot”. The surfing instructors are qualified according to Australian certification standards and know all the ins and outs of local conditions and different breaks. They’ll teach you according to your level and take you the best spots Bali has to offer.

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  • Intermediated


    For intermediate surfers there are a lot of soft reefbreaks und beachbreaks around. Padang Padang beachbreak is in walking-distance, so you can catch the waves at any time a day. It is also possible to join the surfguidingtour for checking out new spots. The surfteachers may also help you to make you an advanced surfer by the end of your trip.

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  • Advanced


    Bali has the best surfing conditions in the world. Pros come to Bali and have a surf at one of the competitions like "Komune Bali Pro". Uluwatu, Balis world-famous surfspot, is located just a 10 minute-drive away. Pros as well as local surfers revere Uluwatu’s waves perhaps as much as the priests in the temple above revere their Hindu gods.

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The surfguidingtours six times a week are included. It is your perfect opportunity to surf a lot of different spots of Balis famous ones. Depending on swell and waveconditions your guides will take you to the best place everyday. During dinner time they will tell you the plan for the next day so you start perfectly prepared.




  • Known as the “Balinese Pipeline”, this sandy beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula just 3km (2 miles) north of the temple at Uluwatu and is accessed via a stepped path off the main road. Padang Padang is actually two breaks — the famous left break and the gentler beach break. Don’t confuse the two, as one is for experts (Padang Padang Left) and the other for all levels (Padang Padang Right). Padang Padang Left is a reef break with all the tubes, wave height and speed an expert could want. Like Hawaii’s famous Pipeline, it requires significant skill to attempt. During low tide it is dangerous and best left to pros and kamikaze surfers. Be careful of the jagged rocks and sharp coral reef that lurks just below the shallow water. If you aren’t an expert you are advised to stick to Padang Padang Right, a picturesque beach break great for beginner and intermediate surfers with a long, unbroken wave at high tide — perfect for honing your technique.
  • 100 meters of white sand beautiful cliffs have made this are a very attractive location for resort developers. Though more built up and less rustic than some of our other picks for Bali’s best surf spots, Dreamland has long been regarded for its killer waves. It’s also close to several other spots on our list. While it is one of the island’s most famous waves for expert and pro level surfers, under the proper conditions Dreamland can still be surfed by the less experienced. However, this should be done with extreme caution. If you’re still a bit green or not at a high skill level, make sure you ask experienced locals — especially your surf instructor — if Dreamland is suitable for you.
  • Situated on the Bukit Peninsula about midpoint between Padang Padang and Dreamland, Bingin is another pro-level wave. In contrast to Dreamland, the location is rugged, scenic and more difficult to access, but as a wave it is big, powerful and world class. Being off the beaten paths has its benefits too, which come in the form of smaller crowds and a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere.
  • Located on Bali’s east coast about 24 km (15 mi) from Denpasar City, regularly plays host to top-level professional events, such as the Oakley Pro Bali and the Kommune Bali Pro, as well as some festive night surfing events and parties. Keramas beach is black sand and the waves are big and fast. A tricky wave at times, pros return again and again to enjoy the thrilling ride it provides. It is also notable for producing good surf during Bali’s wet season.
  • Pros and experts seek out places like Impossibles for the sheer thrill and challenge they provide. The gorgeous rocky scenery doesn’t hurt either. Just 5 minutes from Uluwatu temple (and nearby Dreamland, Balangan, Padang Padang and Bingin), Impossibles got its name due to how difficult it used to be to access the spot. Thankfully it can now be reached more easily, meaning you don’t need to be able to scale cliffs as well as surf!
  • Located to the west of Padang Padang and about 5 minutes by car from Uluwatu temple, Suluban is a wide, white sand beach set off by a backdrop of stunning cliffs. Known also as Blue Point, this is a secluded beach that can only be reached by walking through a cave-like crevasse. Make no mistake, with its big Uluwatu-like barrels, this spot is suitable only for those at professional level, but the spectacular views and rock formations make it worth a visit no matter how well you surf. Be careful of the jagged rocks and reef!
  • Known as a bit of a “secret” spot on the Bukit, Green Bowl nonetheless offers some good surf. Unspoiled by even a warung (small family-owned shop or café), this little paradise is located about midway on the southern coastline of the peninsula. The wave can be surfed for most of Bali’s offseason (rainy season), and you may even get it all to yourself during weekdays. While not one of Bali’s most well known or consistent spots, we’re including it due to its small crowds, hollow and fast wave and wet season surfability. The wave here is recommended for experienced surfers, especially on days with a big swell, which produces strong currents/rip tides. Beware the coral and sharp rocks. Green Bowl is sometimes referred to as “Green Ball” or “Green Balls”. Perhaps something was lost in translation…
  • This spot makes the list more due to its natural beauty than top-level waves. People come here for the view and the chance to surf in such a scenic place. However, the right side of the beach does offer a fun and short right-hander and further north along the beach can bring a larger and trickier peak. The secret paradise of Nyang Nyang is only accessible via a rocky path off of the main Uluwatu road and then a taxing 600-step journey on foot down to the beach. Surfers should be at least of intermediate level and be careful of the rocks and temperamental waves. Crowds are small here, giving you the chance to experience a peaceful paradise all on your own.
  • An idyllic and extensive stretch of white sand that becomes a small peninsula, this highly valued surf spot ranges from huge waves on days with serious swell to multiple peaks and a long wall during smaller days and during medium and low tides. Though the access road has made things… well, more accessible, it has also brought more surfers to this beautiful location for big dry-season waves. Close to Impossibles, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin, Dreamland and more, Balangan attracts a mix of local and international surfers and is suited for those with plenty of experience.
  • Perhaps the most legendary of Bali’s best surf spots, Uluwatu is located on the southwestern tip of the Bukit Peninsula, under a spectacular 11th century Hindu temple. It is the southernmost in a line of top spots like (from south to north) Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin, Dreamland and Balangan. Known for its consistent good quality surf, variety of breaks and conditions throughout the day, Uluwatu surely deserves to be number 1 even though this list isn’t a ranking! Besides Hindu gods, Uluwatu is the domain of experienced and pro-level surfers. Those who need to hone their skills should stick to nearby Padang Padang Right until they are up to the challenge of this spot — or rather set of spots. Uluwatu is in fact 5 amazing spots in one — The Peak, Racetrack, Outside Corner, Temples and The Bombie. Depending on time of day and swell, each of Uluwatu’s breaks has its own unique features. Surfing Uluwatu is famous for consistency, so throughout the day conditions should be good at several different times. So there you have it: A hopefully helpful, but by no means definitive list of 10 of Bali’s best surf spots. Come back for more lists, articles and helpful tips for surfing Bali!

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  • Bungalow & Villa
    The prices are per room:   €
    Deluxe double (max. 2 people) 90
    Exklusiv: Penthouse Suite (max. 2 people) 110

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  • DORMs
    The prices are per room person:   €
    Retro surfers dorm 50
    Twin fin suite 55

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  • Addons
    The prices are per person
    Airport shuttle each way & person 16
    7 days surf lessons 2x2h per day incl. equipment 150
    Surfboard rental per day  10
    Surfboard insurance per day   5
    Yoga lesson   10

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Pick Up:

You will arrival by plane at the international airport is Denpasar (IATA-Code: DPS). The surf camp's driver takes you from the pier or Airport for 16€. 


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